MA People’s Science Fair

Earlier this week Warheads to Windmills attended the People’s Science fair at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Hosted by Western Mass Science for the People, tablers represented a vast array of multidisciplinary projects that use STEM work in building a just future. Climate, Antimilitarism, Community Justice, Sustainability, Education sectors and more were represented at the fair.

The Massachusetts Warheads to Windmills Coalition had a table organized by it’s NuclearBan.US facilitators, Timmon, Vicki, and Anduin. Alongside us in the antimilitarism section were coalition members: Massachusetts Peace Action, Demilitarize Western Mass, and Codepink Western Mass among other friends.

The Warheads to Windmills table was focused on reaching STEM students about their career paths, guiding away from jobs of death in the nuclear weapons industry towards jobs of life in sustainability and climate solutions.

We handed out fliers for sustainable engineering career options, quick actions to make a difference in Massachusetts, and spread the news about our upcoming Boston Lobby Day of Action May 22nd.

Big thanks to Western Mass Science for the People for having us at the fair!