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This diagram summarizes a possible pathway to preventing climate catastrophe and nuclear war.

Why is the US at the top, you may ask? The US invented nuclear weapons, and has emitted the most carbon, over time, of any country, so it has a duty to reverse both crises. The US has an economy that could support a domestic green transition and help other countries too. And the US is home to many of the corporations that are blocking progress on these issues.

But most importantly, the diagram assumes that getting the US government on board is a necessary and sufficient step to getting agreement with the rest of the world. We are also assuming that the most effective route to US politicians is through the corporations they serve.

To reach the corporations, the diagram shows pressure coming through two channels in a powerful combination: 1) institutions, communities, and local governments that divest from, boycott, and stigmatize the corporations, and 2) countries already committed to the TPNW and a potential Fossil Fuel Treaty that add legal clout.

To put maximum pressure through both channels, the diagram shows both channels being rooted in a strong global movement for survival that brings together those working on nuclear disarmament, climate and many other important issues.

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