Boston Day of Action

We are having a day of action in Boston on May 22nd, mobilizing students and activists around Massachusetts to lobby the legislature. It is now down to the leadership in the House and Senate to decide whether these bills will get voted on before the end of this legislative session. Please Join us!

Climate Change and Nuclear Weapons are two intricately linked existential threats with the power to destroy humanity.  The gravity of our climate crisis and the looming threat of nuclear warfare demand our immediate attention.  We need more statewide action on Climate and Nuclear Disarmament, the solutions exist– we just need to help give them a voice!

Who: You! We need you to make your voices heard. It is crucial that the legislature hear from you.  No experience necessary! Lobby training and briefings on priority legislation will be provided.

What: A day of exciting meetings with our representatives in the MA Legislature to tell them why this matters and what they can do about it. This is a vital opportunity to push for crucial bills on both the climate and nuclear front.

When: Wednesday, May 22nd 12-3pm

Where: Boston, at the MA State House.  Zoom meetings for constituents who are eager but unable to make it in person will be possible as well. Rideshare opportunities will be available, especially from the Western Mass/Pioneer Valley Area.  

Why: This is a chance to have a real and direct impact for a better future.  Our representatives need to be doing more to protect our future and we get to tell them that.  There is no time to waste and the legislature needs to be pushed to take action, Now!