DC Lobby Days

July 12-13, 2023 in Washington, DC: Lobby Members of Congress to support the Norton Bill, H.R.2775, the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and [Climate] Conversion bill. We will be hand-delivering copies of the newly updated Warheads to Windmills report to Members of Congress and encouraging them to co-sponsor the Norton Bill as a sign of their commitment to addressing the twin existential threats facing humanity today: the threat of climate catastrophe and the threat of nuclear war.

The Norton Bill calls on the US to sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty, work with the other nuclear-armed nations to eliminate all nuclear weapons before they eliminate us, and to use all those squandered human and financial resources currently allocated to the nuclear arms race to instead invest in an unprecedented global effort to reverse climate change before it is too late.

If you cannot join us in person in Washington, DC on either of those days, you can also participate by joining on zoom as we meet with your Member of Congress or their staff. And even if you cannot do that, you could help us make these lobby days a success by writing to your own Member of Congress asking for meeting on one of those days.

Please register now to:

  1. Join us in person in Washington, DC on July 12 and/or 13
  2. Join on zoom in a meeting with your own Member of Congress during one of those days
  3. Help us set up these meetings by writing to your Member of Congress on our behalf